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About Us

As a unit of the USGS, the mission of the Southwest Biological Science Center (SBSC) is to provide quality scientific information needed to conserve and manage natural and biological resources, with an emphasis on the species and ecosystems of the southwestern United States.   Read More


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Featured SBSC Outreach Highlights
Glenn, Edward P., Morino, Kiyomi, Pamela L. Nagler, R. Scott Murray, Susanna Pearlstein, Kevin Hultine. 2012. Role of saltcedar and capillary rise in salinizing a non-flooding terrace on a flow-regulated desert river. Journal of Arid Environments (79): 56-65
Hunt, Teresa A., Ward, David L., Propper, Catherine R., and Gibb, Alice C., 2012
McFarland, T. M., Van Riper, C., III, and Johnson, G. E., 2012
McMullen, Laura E., and Lytle, David A., 2012
Nagler, Pamela L., Brown, Tim, Hultine, Kevin R., van Riper, Charles, III, Bean, Daniel W., Dennison, Philip E., Murray, R. Scott, and Glenn, Edward P., 2012
Tillman, F. D., Callegary, J. B., Nagler, P. L., and Glenn, E. P., 2012
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