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Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center

The GCMRC in Flagstaff, AZ is responsible for studying the effects of Glen Canyon dam operations on the natural and cultural resources along the Colorado River from Glen Canyon dam to Lake Mead. These resources include sediment and camping beaches, archeological sites, and vegetation and wildlife such as the endangered humpback chub, southwest willow flycatcher, and Kanab ambersnail.

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The Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center (GCMRC) is the cornerstone of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program. The GCMRC was formally established in October of 1996, and became part of the Southwest Biological Science Center in October 2002. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, the GCMRC studies effects of Glen Canyon Dam operations on the resources along the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lake Mead. The GCMRC's scientific activities contribute to meeting the statutory requirements placed on the Secretary of the Interior by Congress via the 1992 Grand Canyon Protection Act, the 1995 Glen Canyon Dam Environmental Impact Statement, and the 1996 Record of Decision.

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The goals of the GCMRC are to develop monitoring and research programs as well as related scientific activities that evaluate short-and long-term impacts of the Glen Canyon Dam operations on the biological, cultural, recreational and physical resources of the Colorado River ecosystem.

Long-term monitoring of all vital resources aids in detecting and quantifying changes related to dam operations.

Focus of Research Efforts

  • Interpreting and explaining trends
  • Determining causal relationships
  • Defining inter-relationships among physical, biological, recreational and cultural processes.
Contact Information:
Acting Chief: Ted Melis
Phone: 928.556.7282
Fax: 928.556.7092
U.S. Geological Survey
Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center
2255 N. Gemini Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center
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