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Willow Flycatcher Vocalizations: A Guide to Surveyors

On this page, you will find sound files (in Windows Media player format) for an audio CD "Willow Flycatcher Vocalizations: A Guide to Surveyors", developed by the USGS, Arizona Game and Fish Department, and US Bureau of Reclamation.  It describes many of the common vocalizations, and provides what is known about their context.

If you have the necessary computer hardware (such as a sound card) and drivers, as well as your WWW browser's helper applications (refer to your web browser's "help") set correctly, you can listen to these vocalizations by clicking on the vocalization links below.

Click on the links below to hear example specific tracks from the Guide.  It is recommended that you listen first to Track 1, to learn more about the Guide.

  1. Introduction
  2. Fitz-bews
  3. Breets
  4. Fitz-bew variations
  5. Female fitz-bews
  6. Whitt calls
  7. Weeo calls
  8. Interaction calls 1
  9. Interaction calls 2
  10. Willow flycatcher vocalization medley


last updated: 5-30-06

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