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Southwest Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse

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About the List

The List, Invasive Non-Native Plants That Threaten Wildlands in Arizona, has been developed from a state-wide assessment of non-native plants established in wildlands.  The List has NO regulatory authority.  The List is intended to provide useful information to land managers, industry, and other stakeholders in making management decisions.  Use of the List is voluntary.  Periodic updates to the List may be necessary as new information on listed plants is acquired or as new non-native plants become established in Arizona's wildlands.

  • The List goals are:
    • Provide a comprehensive state-wide overview of non-native plants established in wildlands
    • Develop information on the ecological impacts and distribution of invasive non-native plants
    • Influence future additions to regulatory lists
    • Identify and rank by severity category invasive non-native plants occurring in Arizona’s wildlands
    • Facilitate the preparation of environmental documents
    • Provide a means for coordinating activities with adjoining land owners
    • Identify research needs and gaps in current information
  • The List does NOT:
    • Have regulatory or legal status
    • Provide absolute or static ranks for the species
    • Prescribe management actions or indicate degree of management difficulty
    • Prioritize specific site needs

Seventy-five plants were evaluated by the AZ-WIPWG. The List has rankings for 71 species. Three species were evaluated but not listed. One additional plant, Tree of heaven was ranked but accidentally left out of the published List (yellow link below). Go to Assessments (below) to access individual plant assessments. The three ranking categories and two additional designations are described at Categories (below).

Please contact Kathryn Thomas regarding any questions.