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Southwest Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse (SWEPIC)

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The Alien Plant Ranking System

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The Alien Plants Ranking System (APRS) is a cooperative effort among the National Park Service, Northern Arizona University, Ripon College, University of Minnesota, and the U.S. Geological Survey. APRS is a computer program that helps managers prioritize decisions concerning invasive non-native plants. It is an analytic tool that can be used to:

APRS was developed and first tested in grassland and prairie parks in the central United States, however, the program has been robustly designed to apply to other ecoregions. If you have comments or suggestions regarding any aspect of this ranking system, please direct them to Dr. Ron Hiebert (

About APRS
Information on APRS and how to use it.
The APRS software and database are available for download.

Please contact Kathryn Thomas regarding any questions.